American Cruiser - The Macski design team has created this as the ultimate beginner to intermediate waveski. The 9ft 6inch length gives extra buoyancy and the width of this ski gives more stability ensuring that your first time on a Macski waveski is a memorable one. This ski is agile enough to make you competitive as a novice in any contest.


Legend - World Champion Ian Macleod’s goal was to design and build an intermediate fast waveski 9ft 6inches long for paddling to the outer reefs. The sleek profile, easy to paddle with its’ radical design is a popular ski amongst the advanced big wave riders.


Destroyer - This is the ideal transition waveski from intermediate to advance. The innovative  design has been influenced by many of the Macski team riders. This ski is very responsive but forgiving enough to allow radical carving top turns and cutbacks.

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Killa - Designed and ridden by World Champion Ian Macleod, South African Open Champion and ranked number 2 in the world Andre Burger and Doug Copeland 3 time South African Champion. This is the ultimate competition board, extremely nimble and perfect for any contest condition.

Bullet - This Ski is 8 foot 6, blending the design of the Legend, Destroyer and Killa to surf beach shore breaks and inner reefs.

Arriving in San Diego 2nd July.


The diamond nose and tail creates a 8 ft 6 in long ski and by blending the designs of the Legend, Destroyer and Killa.  The Bullet will be able to surf beach shore breaks as the diamond tail will allow quick responsive turns. The Bullet will also be handle inner reefs and an expert rider will be able to handle outer reefs (big waves).

Tandem - Coming 2015

Coming soon, with the assistance of  Doug Copeland (Design Team) a tandem waveski is being developed to allow beginners to experience the beauty of our sport under the guidance of a more experienced rider. Ian will be sharing this form of adaptive surfing allowing person with physical impairments to experience the healing nature of the ocean under the guidance of professional waveski riders.

Rocket - More information to follow after design completed.

Bomb - More information to follow after design completed.