Dominick from San Diego

I first purchased one of Ian's own waveski following Ventura 2013, a 7.8 by 23. I was so happy with it and so afraid to break it that I quickly ordered 2 custom Macski waveskis!

My requests were as follow:
- a smaller waveski for smaller wave, quick to turn, not too buoyant for my size and weight.
The Killa design is a 7.6 by 24, round tail and very fast to turn. I got more than I expected when I got it, as it performs very well in small and big waves! It is the fastest in my fleet.
- the second custom waveski is longer, 7.11 by 24.  I wanted it to be easier to paddle and reach an outside break, with sharp rails. It is my big wave waveski (and my easy to go waveski!)

I was impressed by how accurate Ian worked on following my requests for each waveski. They are both perfect and I could take any of them on any type and size of waves and have a blast. On top of being a talented shaper, Ian did an excellent job on following the design and color scheme I asked.