Dick from San Diego

Hi Ian,

For many years I have ridden 9.6 and 9 traditional glass and epoxy waveskis that were made on the West and East Coast.

The above skis only had one adjustable center fin.

I wanted a faster and lighter (no more than 18lbs) waveski 9.6 long x 26 wide.

You designed and built the Legend for me. I was apprehensive as you had installed a tri-fin set up and I thought the tail was to long.

The Legend is by far the best long waveski that I have ever ridden. It is stable and paddles fast to the outside reefs. Easy to catch a big face, no side slipping and excellent edging control. The ski is a rocket in big surf, releases quickly when I want to carve because of the tail design.
The fixed outer smaller fins are installed in the most precise location for my skill level.
Your design and build skills are superb.

Cannot wait for you to complete the design and build the Bullet for me which will be most suitable for beach breaks.

Many Thanks